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Baan Tai

  • South Coast of Koh Phangan
  • Longest beach on island
  • Small village
  • Lots of large outdoor parties
  • Lively bar scene
  • Best place for kiteboarding
  • Great choice for dining
  • Near Full Moon Party
  • Near Thongsala (main port)
  • Accommodation from $7 to $150
  • Near shopping centres

Welcome to Baan Tai Guide


Baan Tai in Koh Phangan is party and fun central. It has a long white sand beach and a small village that is packed with great places to eat and drink. By day Baan Tai is a paradise beach destination and by night it is a lively centre full of bars, live music and 'beer bar' places. There are plenty of big events happening both at clubs in Baan Tai as well as outdoor rave sites. This is the place where the fun and the sunshine never seems to end.

The Beach

A fine white beach stretches from Thongsala all the way to the rocky outcrop that marks the start of the Haad Rin Peninsula. Most of this beach is refeered to as Baan Tai Beach. The portion of the beach nearest Haad Rin is marked off by a small creek and is called Bankai. Near the centre of Baan Tai Beach is a small pier where you can organise boat transfers or fishing trips. On both sides of the pier are some great stretches of beach.

Much of Baan Tai is peaceful beach fringed with coconut palms. The water is blue and in the distance you can see Koh Samui. Most nights of the year thete is a wonderful sunset.

The resorts are spread out and the road is some distance from the coast. It is not a wide beach. Moreover there is a coral reef about 200 meters from the coast. This means that during the low tidal seasons (May to October) the water is shallow until the reef. It is great to paddle in but not great for swimming.

During the windy months Baan Tai becomes the best place for kite boarding in Koh Phangan. So if you like to party at night and do extreme sports during the day Baan Tai is the ideal destination.


Baan Tai is a long beach located on the southern coast of Koh Phangan. It is the most accesible beach on the island as it is next to the main port town of Thongsala. Most people arrive in Koh Phangan via a ferry to Thongsala. The main road between Thongsala and Haad Rin (the home of the Full Moon Party) runs parallel to Baan Tai beach. Along this road are numerous shops, bars and restaurants. It is also easy to catch a shared taxi (Songthaew) on this road in either direction.

One of the focal points of Baan Tai is the 7-11 convenience store in Baan Tai. It has a range of cheap snacks and drinks as well as tobacco and other useful items for sale. It is a good place ot get a cheap bite to eat. Next to the 7-11 is the road to the popular beaches of Thong Nai Pan. The road is now fully concreted. The road is hilly but easy to do on a hire scooter.


There was a temporary break to the raves in Koh Phangan (except for the Full Moon Party) by order of the interim government in 2014. Parties such as the Half Moon Party and the Jungle Experience have been allowed to throw parties at the end of December during the peak season for the island.

In 2015 the parties were allowed to continue with talk about more regulation. In 2018 the party scene is back to what it was before. It appears the Bangkok government has turned its attention elsewhere.

There are plenty of parties to choose from in Baan Tai. The bigger outdoor parties are: Half Moon Party, Jungle Experience, Black Moon Culture and Shiva Moon Family. Nearly every week there is a large rave to check out. There are also party nights at spots like Ku Club and Loi Lay Floating Bar. Sabaii Bay Resort throws after parties for all the big events.

For those who prefer live bands there are also bars such as White Rabbit, Outlaw Salon and Bangers and Mash that have regular band nights. Read more


Baan Tai has a great variety of places to eat and drink. There are cheap, local restaurants serving Thai food and Western standards. There are also slightly more expensive restaurants such as Fisherman's Restaurant where you can get great seafood. For those who prefer fast food there are plenty of places to get pizzas, burgers and fish and chips. For those who love sushi there is Fresh Sushi. For those with a hankering for Mexican food there is Ando Loco.

Nearly all the resorts, hotels and hostels have their own restaurant. Many also have a separate bar. You are never far from a place to get some food and drink in Baan Tai. Both along the beach and the main road you are spoilt for new places to check out.

For those wanting to self-cater the supermarkets of Thongsala are just a few minutes away. They sell a wide range of fresh produce as well as many imported items. Read more.


Baan Tai has a lively nightlife. Not only are there large outdoor parties to attend there are plenty of bars to try. There are beach bars, party bars, small local bars, bars showcasing live music and salacious beer bars. You are never far away from a bar that suits you.

Whereas most resort bars shut before midnight. Many of the bars not attached to resorts stay open later. There are a few that stay open until the last few customers have drunk their fill. Read more.

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